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Dental Terms

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Six-year molar Edmonton

When children enter the tooth transition period, their deciduous teeth will loosen due to the resorption of the roots and will sequentially fall off. The permanent teeth will gradually erupt into the space left by the deciduous teeth. Tooth transition period starts approximately at the age of 6, and ends at around the age of 12 or 13.

There are altogether 32 permanent teeth. Since dentine is usually slightly yellowish, and the enamel in permanent teeth is more transparent than that of deciduous teeth, the colour of permanent teeth is more yellowish than deciduous teeth. As the thickness of dentine grows as a person ages, the teeth will also become more yellowish.

At about the age of 6, the first permanent molar will erupt behind the four ends of deciduous teeth; it is also called the ‘six-year molar'. At this time, parents must remember to remind their children to clean the ‘six-year molar' by brushing the very back tooth with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and thoroughly brush all the tooth. This could avoid gum inflammation and caries on the ‘six-year molar'.

Generally speaking, deciduous teeth will exfoliate by themselves. There is no need to extract them because premature loss of deciduous teeth will lead to irregular permanent teeth.

Teeth will become loose during tooth transition. There may be mild bleeding during brushing. Parents should remember to advice their children to continue to keep good oral hygiene, including the area around the loose deciduous teeth, to avoid gum inflammation.

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